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Term 3, 2021 Monday and Tuesday classes are FULL with only a couple of spots now available for Saturday mornings 10am-6pm.
Grab them quickly as they will go!


introducing the new Sunday 6pm-9pm Acting for Adults class commencing Sunday July 18th.

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Acting for Adults
Mondays - 6.30pm-9.30pm (FULL)
Tuesdays - 6.30pm-9.30pm (FULL)
Saturdays - 10am-1pm (2 SPOTS AVAILABLE)
NEW CLASS - Sundays - 6pm-9pm

Term 3 starts week of July 12, 2021

Directors Course

Saturday Afternoons

Next intake: TBA

One-On-One Acting Classes

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Mockingbird celebrates the 2020 achievements of the following students:


  • Acting and directing student James McMahon for being accepted into the BFA Acting course at WAAPA

  • Acting student Patrick Galen-Mules for being accepted into the BFA Acting course at QUT

  • Acting student Marnie Mount for being accepted into the Directing course at VCA

  • Acting student Bridgette Kucher for being accepted into the Howard Fine course in Melbourne

  • Acting student Breanna Macey for being accepted into the Actors Centre Australia course in Sydney

  • Directing student Sophie Benassi for completing the NIDA Directing course and for being appointed Mockingbird's co-Artistic Director

  • Acting and directing student Alexandra Pelvin for getting her first main directing gig - Hotel Sorrento at Canberra Rep

  • Acting and Directing student Amy Kowalczuk for being accepted to do her Masters of Applied Theatre and Performance at UNE and also for winning the comedy award at Canberra Rep for her performance in Absurd Person Singular

  • Acting student Victoria Dixon for winning the drama award at Canberra Rep for her performance in Brighton Beach Memoirs

They join past Mockingbirders who have been successful in getting into major national and international drama schools: Michael Cooper, Damon Baudin, Andrew McMillan, Abby Morgan, Isha Menon, Lily Parissi, Marli Haddeill, Maddy Betts, Sophie Highmore


Mockingbird is delighted to announce the appointment of Sophie Benassi as co-Artistic Director of Mockingbird Theatre. Sophie is well-known throughout the Canberra scene as an artist and teacher and has recently completed her Masters in Directing at NIDA. Welcome aboard, Sophie!



Mockingbird is proud to announce that founder and co-Artistic Director Chris Baldock won a 2020 Canberra Critics Circle Award for the " excellence of his direction of Frank Galati's adaptation of The Grapes of Wrath for Canberra REP which enabled outstanding ensemble work that captured without sentimentality the vision of John Steinbeck's original novel"



Mockingbird Theatre is proud to have won a 2019 Canberra Critic's Award "for the ambitious and moving production of The Laramie Project and The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later in what was an outstanding example of ensemble acting and the effective power of verbatim theatre"

In only 3 1/2 years of operating, Mockingbird Acting Studio and tutor Chris Baldock has successfully trained students to successfully gain places at Central School of Speech and Drama in London,

Bristol Old Vic, NIDA, WAAPA, VCA and QUT.


Mockingbird Actors Studio is passionate about the craft of acting and is committed to further developing the unique potential of every actor who comes to the studio, encouraging them to embrace their pursuit for excellence and seek the truth in everything they do regardless of whether their passion is film, television or theatre.

Multi-award winning Artistic Director and Tutor, Chris Baldock, is renowned for challenging his students and actors to realise their full potential in a supportive, fun and dynamic environment whilst developing a strong work ethic and passion for the art of acting. His celebrated techniques honour each actor's individuality to develop a bridge between their craft and their humanity.

Whether you simply want to build self-confidence and awareness, polish your presentation skills, are new to acting, an experienced actor seeking to develop your techniques further, you are committed to a professional acting career or wish to pursue your passion in theatre directing, there are classes and opportunities for you at Mockingbird.

With showcases and productions planned, students have the opportunity to present their work to industry professionals, directors and peers.


Students will have an opportunity to be invited to join the Mockingbird Acting Ensemble as the company prepares to present top-quality productions in Canberra in 2020 and beyond.

To find out more about our range of classes, click HERE

To find out more about Mockingbird Theatre, click HERE









"With the help of Chris’ mentoring, I was successful in my auditions for the NIDA Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting) program and the WAAPA Bachelor of Arts (Acting) course, a long-held dream of mine. Chris knew exactly what I needed to achieve in order to shine in my auditions and had a clear strategy for getting me there. He helped me pick excellent audition monologues that complemented me as an actor while making me stand out amongst the rest. Chris is thorough and knowledgeable and he challenges you and guides you to reach your absolute best. He empowered me to take risks as an artist and to be courageous and brave. This equipped me with confidence which, in turn, allowed me to have fun and trust myself on the day of my auditions. As Chris is so knowledgeable regarding his craft, he gave me lots to sink my teeth into throughout my time of working with him. His content was always challenging, inspiring and personally rewarding. This greatly expanded my range and versatility as an actor. Chris is an outstanding director and can inspire you to achieve things in your craft that you never thought you were capable of. The growth I experienced as an actor and as a person, with Chris, was phenomenal. He provided me with a safe space to grow and realize my own potential. I was able to really come out of my shell, thanks to him. He gave me clear tools for working as an actor. He also helped me develop my process with regard to taking on a role or audition piece. It is clear that I have carried the knowledge and confidence I acquired while working with Chris into my further studies at WAAPA." - Abbey


"Teacher and mentor, Chris Baldock, takes the actor through a wondrous journey of exploration, inspiration and creativity. Masterfully executed, his credo is based on decades of experience, and is a formula that works. The actor will understand what it means to dig deep, to focus and to connect. The essence of acting is the discovery of truth and, under Chris' guidance, the actor will shine, will learn to embrace the stuff beyond themselves and, ultimately, will understand what it is to fly." - Kris

"I have worked with Chris on multiple theatrical projects and I've attended his classes at Mockingbird Acting Studio. Needless to say the value from his experience has projected my abilities and confidence in the craft by leaps and bounds. An eye for detail and an ability to draw out emotionally nuanced  performances from his students is why his classes are so effective. Chris provides an environment where you can fail safely and fail gloriously. With no room for individual egos his levelling feedback builds resilience and instills a desire to always put in your best work." - Nick 






"Working with Chris provided me with the most challenging and rewarding experience I have had as an actor thus far.  He continues to be the yardstick by which I measure all my theatrical experiences." - Liam

"I have learnt so much from Chris in both onstage and offstage aspects with his high attention to detail. Chris creates an environment of trust and delivers nothing short of perfection. Chris sees the potential in you and will push you further than you thought you could to get there." - Zoe

"Chris is one of the most insightful coaches I've ever worked with. I have appreciated the honest comments, the collaboration, and the exploration of new works. I wish I had signed up for classes sooner." - Hannah






"Chris has the ability to draw the best out of people. His inclusive nature provides a safe environment for everyone to feel they can provide input to a piece of work while still standing at the helm and driving it toward his, always large, vision. " - Travis

"Chris's personal insight and experience, particularly through Mockingbird one-on-ones, has been invaluable to both my personal growth and my growth as an actor. Whatever experience level you may have, Chris continues to challenge and enrich your relationship to the craft of acting, and I would highly encourage anyone to engage with Mockingbird" - Damon







"I'd never done a straight play - having exclusively performed in musicals - until I did a show that Chris directed. Chris brought out whole new dimensions to my acting by encouraging me to try things I'd never attempted before. And he did it with patience, humour and a strong sense of vision. The bottom line is that Chris is incredibly good at what he does and he is an absolute pleasure to work with." - Alexander C

"Chris is one of the most sympathetic and helpful directors I've encountered. He starts with a strong perception of the requirements of the role and the play, and works with the actor's strengths and vulnerabilities to get the best possible result. There should be more like him." - Phil L



















“When Chris directs a play he has this ability to attract good people to his auditions (his reputation is that good) and then he manages  to bring out their best  and indeed bring out the best from everyone involved in his productions.  The results are always brilliant.” - Julie A

"Working with Chris was an amazing opportunity. He's a powerhouse of passion, dedication and creativity. He works closely with his actors, challenging and nurturing them to their full potential. On top of this, his commitment to the production, the team, the playwright and the audience is inspiring. I would jump at the chance to work with him again." - Alexandra P

"I have had the privilege of working with Chris twice and both experiences were filled with so much joy. I have never known a more humble, passionate and caring director. What is evident in every production Chris is involved in, is a search for truth and honesty, and his innate ability to find the heart and soul within each piece of theatre. He truly knows how to bring out the best in every actor he works with and creates a safe space for everyone to explore their limits and push beyond them. I have learned so much from working with this incredible director, and I will always cherish the time spent working with him." - Katey L

"I'm spoilt. I've worked with Chris Baldock three times now and have loved every single experience. Working with Chris, you know it's going to be more than just another show, it's an opportunity to grow and develop as an actor. My favourite learning from Chris that I reflect on often is 'it's all in the eyes'. I get that. And I love it. As always, thank you gorgeous human!!!" - Cat J

"As an actor, working with Chris is at once exciting, challenging and fulfilling. He helps you build a solid structure for yourself, no matter how small the character, from which you can explore your place in the overall context of the performance piece. As a director, his vision is clear and all-encompassing, yet he leaves ample room for the individual actor to contribute his or her own creative impulse. No question is too stupid, no doubt unaddressed and no suggestion is dismissed out-of-hand. He provides a safe place in which to grow as an actor and commits totally to helping you be the best you can be, for every performance" - Liz SCL

Canberra Acting Classes | Canberra | Mockingbird Acting Studio
Canberra Acting Classes | Canberra | Mockingbird Acting Studio
Canberra Acting Classes | Canberra | Mockingbird Acting Studio
Canberra Acting Classes | Canberra | Mockingbird Acting Studio
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Canberra Acting Classes | Canberra | Mockingbird Acting Studio
Canberra Acting Classes | Canberra | Mockingbird Acting Studio
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