Mockingbird Audition Workshop students Feb 2018

Our next Acting Audition Workshop will be held on January 25th & 26th, 2020 

Ever wondered what the audition panel is really looking for at that dreaded audition?


Often thought to yourself about how you are perceived by an audition panel?


What could you do better? Differently?


How is an audition seen from behind the audition table? What does a panel take into consideration when looking at all the candidates? Is each director different?


How much does your personality/experience/interaction affect the final casting?


Do you get incredibly nervous and want to learn to overcome those fears?

How important is monologue choice? Song choice?

Here is your chance to find out! Not only will you get the inside tips to help you stand out at an audition, you will also get the opportunity to see what life is like on the other side of the table! A mock casting will allow you to get another perspective of not only your fellow auditionees and your "competition" but also you will be the director, casting a show/play along with your fellow participants.

This invaluable weekend will give you insight to the entire audition process and allow you to develop your audition techniques in a fun, safe and stimulating environment. Whatever medium you perform in, this workshop is for you!

Award-winning director and tutor Chris Baldock, who has auditioned 1000s of actors, will lead this enlightening and comprehensive weekend. Mock auditions will also include Karen Vickery, past Head of Performance Practices at NIDA and also on the NIDA audition panel for 14 years.

Day One: Learn the inside tips. What to do and not do. Learn your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to auditions and how to develop/overcome them.

Day Two: Mock auditions. Not only will you audition in front of your peers and industry experts, you will get to analyse each auditionee and cast a production. You will receive valuable feedback on what you need in order to ace that next audition.

Suitable for ages 15+ 

PRICE: Mockingbird Students - $200 / Other - $250