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By Joe Penhall

Featuring Richard Edge, Kane Felsinger

and Christian Heath 

Directed by Chris Baldock


"After a stunning debut with their acclaimed production of The Laramie Project, Mockingbird Theatre Company continues their winning streak with the equally impressive showing of Joe Penhall’s Blue/Orange. This three-person play provides fantastic opportunities for the skilled actors of the company in its complex exploration of themes of mental illness, racism, colonialism and culture...The three actors are all equally brilliant, and director Chris Baldock has done a fantastic job of choreographing them into shifting patterns of empathy and aggression which make them simultaneously sympathetic and antagonistic. ...A wonderful and thrilling night of contemporary theatre" - Theatre Press

"With Blue/Orange, Joe Penhall’s 2000 award winning play, Mockingbird Theatre clearly emphasises its commitment to excellence and lays down the gauntlet to other theatre companies. What’s more, Chris Baldock cements his position as an exciting director poised to take on all comers...This is theatre of the highest order that deserves to be seen by all lovers of good drama." - Stage Whispers

"This is a fascinating, if disturbing, meditation on mental illness, race, modern society’s hypocrisy, and power. And it is played with the colour and the passion of a work of abstract painting in Chris Baldock’s luminous production." - To Dad With Love


"A wonderful performance tonight. Really fine script, and a talented cast and crew. The build and denouement, in both societal and psychological terms, left me profoundly changed. Exciting and sensitive directing, hats off to you…. I thought the build was superbly crafted, and realised the story completely. The last minute was one of the most thought-inducing moments I've experienced, and shone an extra light on the entire story."

"So proud of the Mockingbirders. A play in Melbourne to go see; Blue/Orange. Go and see this, you will not be disappointed!"

"Blue/Orange: my favourite kind of theatre. Wordy, thought-provoking and tremendously funny. Acted with skill and directed with aplomb. Do yourself a favour and get along to this witty and intellectual piece of theatre!"

"Rarely am I so compelled to write a review at after midnight and urge people to see a show. However, on this occasion - two words Blue Orange. I saw it tonight, and feel it is a must see show on many levels. The actors handle the Penhall dialogue with aplomb, its crafted well and keeps you engaged from beginning to end. Check out Mockingbird Theatre."

"Had the privilege to witness opening night of BLUE/ORANGE by Joe Penhall by Mockingbird Theatre and totally loved it. The last act will blow your mind, the journey of the characters throughout will leave you stunned (especially in the conclusive scene). Do yourself a favour and get a ticket before tonight's reviews come out and you won't be able to get in. Amazing writing with a very strong cast and stellar direction makes this piece something great."

"Congratulations to Chris Baldock and the cast of Blue/Orange on an excellent and thought-provoking production. Highly recommended."

"If you haven't booked or planned on going, think again folks. The show was absolutely wonderful. Direction – spot on. Actors nailed it. Play itself very clever, witty, moving, thought provoking. Just loved it. Congratulations to all. I really liked the venue also."

"Fantastic work guys. Electric dialogue delivered with energy and verve. Fascinating theatre."

"Outstanding performances from all three actors in this well directed performances of an excellent play with sparkling dialogue."

"Wow, a truly great show with performances to match! A must see!"

"This show was fabulous! Acting was amazing, I felt like I was in the room with them as the space is nice and intimate! Interesting twist in the ending! Thoroughly believable!"

"GO see Blue/Orange fantastic show and great insight to people minds, fantastic cast and great director well done."

"Thank you Mockingbird for an enthralling afternoon of theatre yesterday. I was totally mesmerised by the strong performances and thought provoking script. To anyone who hasn't seen Blue Orange yet - get on it!"

"Wow! What an amazing show!! Thank you! We were talking about it all the way back to Torquay... Thank you for a wonderful night of intense theatre! Chookas for your last few shows."

"Just watched Blue/Orange and let me just say a big congrats to Mockingbird and its talented cast. The actors were so strong, the writing compelling, direction great. I truly just enjoyed watching it from start to finish and that is rare. To those who haven't seen it yet go see it."

"Well done on another great Mockingbird production. If you haven't seen it yet, you should make the time to see this, you will not regret it!! What a thought provoking and well executed play, with lots of humour along the way...BIG Congratulations to the actors, Christian Heath, Richard Edge and Kane Felsinger and of course to the amazing director Chris Baldock! I can't wait to see it again."

"Thought provoking and unexpected - in a good way :) well done to all!!"

"Well done on such a fantastic show with Blue/Orange! I loved the script and the actors did it justice with stellar performances! "

"Blue/Orange. I'll avoid the back story-if anyone doesn't know the premise after the published reviews you should be absolutely ashamed. Three flawless performances were delivered this evening, each as good as the other. But this is what you missed. Christian Heath brought Bruce Flaherty to life with the perfect balance of charm, passion and power. As a young psych, torn between dedication and position, Christian captured the essence of the pressures and pains of dealing with the mental health system beautifully. His final scenes were mesmerizing. He portrayed the man you'd want on your side in that situation, and has once again excelled on stage. Richard Edge was brilliant as the loathsome Robert Smith-you cannot help but love to hate him! Flawless delivery of dialogue and a genuine understanding of the subject matter translated into a character who encapsulates the illness experienced by the mental health system. Richard delivered a truly sensational performance and was a genuine pleasure to watch. Kane Felsinger introduced me to Christopher a few weeks back, and it has been a such a joy to see him in all his glory. Kane captured the very essence of BPD/schizophrenia with incredible delivery and understanding. Post show, an audience member commented how like her he was, as she lived with BPD-can there be a greater compliment? A truly mesmerizing performance. It doesn't get much better than that. As an audience member, I was entertained and educated, and both were done beautifully. As a director, each actor followed the only four rules that matter-they knew their lines, knew their characters, knew their mark and told the truth. As a mental health professional, they sent a message that needs to be seen and heard by every member of the community, and they did so with such professionalism and understanding -I am deeply grateful to all of these fantastically talented actors, and the superb direction of Chris Baldock for allowing this story to be told. Mockingbird delivers world class theatre with a conscience-and Blue/Orange was a brilliant example of the outstanding theatre this company produces. This truly is a must see production."

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