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How I Learned To Drive

By Paula Vogel

Featuring Sarah Reuben, Jason Cavanagh, Andrea McCannon, Sebastian Bertoli and Juliet Hindmarsh

Directed by Chris Baldock


"The combination of a Pulitzer Prize winning play and an exemplary new theatre company, in the hands of an extraordinary and empathetic director produces an evening of theatre that will never be forgotten...This production understands every nuance, every piece of subtext and involves us so totally in the journey...t’s difficult to see how this company can keep raising the bar of quality that it resets for itself with every is Chris Baldock’s direction that takes us to another place, that gives us that ache in the gut, and the lump in the throat, the pricking behind the eyelids. He touches our souls. We’re so lucky that he shares his gift with us, the audience." - Stage Whispers

"Melbourne’s Mockingbird Theatre are fast building a reputation for tackling challenging and confronting works – a risk for even the most iconic and established theatre companies to consider. It would be reasonable to question whether such a choice were wise in a relatively young collaborative. An astonishing relief, therefore, to not only feel comfortable Mockingbird can pull it off, but to know they can, and have, knocked it out of the park...A remarkable cast, and the usual firm direction from Chris Baldock, makes How I Learned to Drive another proud notch in the Mockingbird belt, and one certainly not to be missed." -Theatre Press

"We may feel we have heard and read enough about pedophilia, especially of late, to last us a lifetime... But rather than adopting a blunt judgement-driven approach, Mockingbird Theatre’s staging of How I Learned To Drive handles the issue with tremendous sensitivity, control, and finesse...Baldock’s elegant direction and renown choreography is indubitably effective...A tender moving staging of an exceptional play." - To Dad With Love

"Director Chris Baldock’s new independent company Mockingbird Theatre are continuing to bring famous contemporary scripts to audiences who already love the works and introducing some incredible writers to new audiences...It’s a stunning work that’s uncomfortable and uncomfortably liberating to watch and Baldock’s production is one that’ll stay with you long after you’ve left the theatre." - Aussie Theatre


"How I Learned To Drive by Mockingbird Theatre Company. Now this is an example of a really well written play, sensitively directed and with outstanding performances. Theatre Lovers do yourself a favor and Go See!!!"

"We both loved it....So many beautiful moments and fantastic performances. Loved loved loved Aunt Mary's monologue. Blown away by Peck and Li'l Bit. Awesome direction yet again. My heart was in my throat near the end."

"Spellbinding. Amazing. Such a painful play to watch, but the darkness is worth it. The actors were soulful and did a wonderful job with such a difficult story."

"Fabulous portrayal of a very disturbing story by some extremely talented actors!"

"Congrats to all on such a brilliant show!! As an actor, I applaud all the performances and direction, for making it so real and bringing such humanity to such a confronting yet unfortunate reality for many children. As a Psychologist, I also applaud you Mockingbird for always putting on a show worth discussing and assisting to bring about change, movement and ethical considerations. SO amazing to have Child Wise on board. Every secondary school/families should see it. How I feel so humbled and grateful for living in Melbourne and getting to be a part of such creative art, whether I am watching it or acting. All the best wishes for remaining season!!! CHOOKAS big time."

"Great production last night. Lovely to see so much talent on stage and off! A confronting play classily performed."

"Excellent play. Fabulous performances. Brilliant script. Definitely a great one to go see. Will engage you and get you thinking whilst also entertaining you in a meaningful way. Well done everyone."

"What a triumph...and how wonderful was Sarah. Best theatre I've seen last production."

"I saw this show last night and I want to highly recommend it to you all. Chris Baldock has done an amazing job with Paula Vogel's script. And the cast is amazing. The subject matter is tough, but I don't want that to put anyone off. Watch the trailer - it captures the mood of the piece very well. Also, it's unexpectedly funny. The show has an odd tone, but I loved its many layers."

"Attended the opening night of 'How I Learned to Drive' by Paula Vogel tonight. A devastatingly penetrating performance by Jason Cavanagh"

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