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Kiss of the 

By Manuel Puig

Featuring Angelo De Cata & Adam Ward

Directed by Chris Baldock


"Mockingbird Theatre present another powerful production of an important play, Argentinean writer Manuel Puig’s Kiss of the Spiderwoman, confirming the company’s blooming reputation as theatre-makers of calibre. ..The two actors give heartbreaking performances, Ward’s Valentin shudders with anger and intensity, yet his moments of subtlety tell us when he’s lying. De Cato’s kind-hearted yet compromised Molina is stunning; he’s touching in his compassion and sensitivity to the hyper-masculine Valentin. Both men hold the stage with mesmerising performances...the whole Mockingbird Theatre crew have put together a memorable and very, very moving show." - Artshub


"Baldock’s use of music is marvellously atmospheric and the set, designed by Baldock and realised by Merinda Backway, works perfectly...Angelo de Cata’s performance is nothing short of astonishing...It’s a performance of great truth and integrity – and indicative of Director Chris Baldock’s commitment to truth. But, despite good directing, de Cata moves us because he himself is moved – he inhabits Molina completely and gives him a nobility that was missing in the film, and in the previous stage production I saw. There’s an innocence, a guilelessness and decency in his acting that draws you to him...Ward finds extra depth in the role, and is physically impressive...This director is not afraid of raw emotion and he trusts his audience. “Spiderwoman” cuts through all theatrical trappings... and gives us raw honesty. And isn’t that what good theatre is all about?" - Stage Whispers

"Mockingbird Theatre has done it again with another spellbinding drama excellently presented under the inspired direction of its founder, Chris Baldock...It’s powerful theatre as the relationship between the men develops into physical love and themes of psychology, marxism, homosexuality, betrayal, the restorative powers of film intersect along the way and self-sacrifice and the nature of heroism are also on the agenda...The quality of the acting is quite stunning." - 3MFM

"Well it appears that Mockingbird Theatre company have done it again. Their latest production of Manuel Puig's Kiss of the Spider Woman is a heartfelt piece that once again brings together the combined skill and talent of a wonderful script that is incredibly well acted, under the direction of the wonderful Chris Baldock...Chris Baldock's direction is simply a stroke of genius. He clearly has a profound understanding of the material and has handled the more difficult moments with care and precision. The set and lighting design add a surreal element to the overall feel of the piece." - The Theatre Nerd

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