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2021 Director's Showcase - Finally!

In a class that started in 2019, which saw Covid and students leaving due to other commitments or leave the ACT, we finally got to present the Directing Student Showcase on Saturday 24th July 2021.

Kit Berry, Ben Harris, Lucie Neiderer and Mary Willett presented excepts from plays to an enthusiastic audience, utilising the talents of 6 selfless actors who embraced the fact that it wasn't all about them! The fact that the actors wanted to do their best to showcase their director's work was a testament to them and the efforts of the students.

The following pieces were presented:

Kit Berry - Out of the Flying Pan (with Nathan Wilson and John Winfield)

Lucie Neiderer - Doubt (with Natalie Trafford and Ashleigh Blechynden)

Ben Harris - Stitching (with Nathan Wilson and Monica Engel)

Mary Willett - Proof (with Ashleigh Blechynden and Jasmin Shojai)

Now to catch up on the class of 2020!

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1 Comment

Phillip Delacruz
Phillip Delacruz
Jul 26, 2021

Wow!! Jasmin Shojai ROCKS!!

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