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Mockingbird Theatre
proudly presents the Canberra premiere of

Fully Committed

by Becky Mode

based on the characters created by Becky Mode and Mark Setlock

FULLY COMMITTED was originally developed at the Adirondack Theatre Festival, Glens Falls, New York, in June 1998 (Martha Banta, Artistic Director; David Turner, Producing Director)

FULLY COMMITTED received its World Premiere September 1999 at the Vineyard Theatre, New York City

Produced on Broadway by Barbara Whitman and Patrick Catullo, Marcia Goldberg, Tom Casserly, Aaron Glick, and David Binder.

About the play:
Time: Now
Place: A booking office in the basement of a high-class Sydney restaurant
Duration: Approx. 90 minutes
Contains some coarse language

Callum Doherty as Sam and everyone else

Producer: Chris Baldock of Mockingbird Theatrics
Director: Zac Bridgeman
Set Design: Jess Heffer and Zac Bridgman
Set Realisation: Jess Heffer
Sound Design: Chris Baldock
Props: Jess Heffer and Company
Stage Manager/Sound and Lighting Operation: Archita Sreekumar

Jess and Will for allowing their living space to be turned into a rehearsal space; Anni and Linda from Belconnen Arts Centre; Liz St Clair Long; Claudia Bonifacio of Squeaky Clean Bar


From the Producer:

Welcome to the Canberra premiere of this hilarious and very clever play. The origins of this production came around by chance thanks to the incredible talent of a particular actor and the need to find a suitable play for one of my exceptional directing students. Last year, Zac Bridgman completed the Mockingbird Directing course and proved to be an exciting and insightful director-in-waiting. Along with a couple of the other students, I decided to commit my 2024 to creating opportunities for them to showcase their talents and hone their skills. While searching through many plays to find something suitable for Zac, we skip forward to the first term of this year when I threw a section from the one person play Fully Committed at one of Mockingbird's longstanding advanced students, Callum Doherty to perform as a monologue. When I saw how amazing he was proving to be with the piece, it was clear that this was the play for Zac to do and a wonderful opportunity to show Canberra what Callum can do.
And so, here we are. I sit here writing this so ridiculously proud to see both my acting and directing students not just fly on their own but soar. It's an indescribable feeling to see so much potential turn into bona fide talents. I am so looking forward to doing it again later in the year with Celine Oudin and Archita Sreekumar and the play 8 Women.

Thank you for venturing out in the bitter Canberra winter. I hope you enjoy this delightful performance as much as I have loved seeing the boys put it together.

Chris Baldock
Mockingbird Theatrics

Callum Doherty - Sam and everyone else

Callum is an actor, director, comedian, composer, competitive breakdancer, mentor, watercolour artist, philosopher, poet, photographer, political advisor, published author, ordained Dudist priest and fashion icon. Select performance credits include Gene in Third Storey (N.U.T.S.); Player in The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) [revised] (Canberra REP), for which he won an Ovation Award; Ben in Rosieville; Stew in How to Vote! (both Canberra Youth Theatre); Alva in This Changes Everything (Echo Theatre); Charlie in Jasper Jones (Budding Theatre); Nathan in The Full Monty (SUPA Productions); Luke in Strictly Ballroom (Canberra Philharmonic Society); Pugsley in The Addams Family (The Q); Winthrop in The Music Man (Queanbeyan Players); and Michael in Mary Poppins (Free Rain Theatre). He was the Assistant Director of Puffs and God of Carnage (both Echo Theatre) and has also performed through the Canberra Comedy Festival and Starlight Children’s Foundation. A well documented diva within the Canberra theatre community, Callum has burnt so many bridges that a solo show seemed the only viable vehicle for his equally well documented creative genius. He thanks Zac and Mockingbird for taking pity on him and hopes you enjoy the show.

Zac Bridgman - Director

From a young age, Zac has always had a strong desire to tell other people what to do, a desire that has managed to last well into adulthood, as he now relishes the chance to tell the cosmic comedian Callum Doherty what to do on stage, for your comedy-viewing pleasure.
An original obsessive of film and all things creative, Zac spent most of his childhood lost in imagined worlds of wonder. Now all grown up and working in a delightfully dreary office job, he has slowly returned to a more creative world. Last year he directed, wrote, and acted in the APS comedy/sci-fi short-film DEAD, and this year he directed, wrote, and acted in a romantic zombie comedy (Zom-Com) short-film Till Undeath. Both were top 12 finalists in the Lights! Canberra! Action! Short film competition and both were award-winning. He has also acted in or worked on many various film projects around Canberra (you can even catch a tiny glimpse of his blazer in the background of an Art Gallery in the comedy TV show Austin on ABC!)
Zac has also been a keen student of both acting and directing at the Mockingbird Acting Studio and Theatre Company for the past 4 years, where he first met Callum and thought “Man, he could play AT LEAST 40 more characters”. Zac partly directed a Mockingbird showcase of Every Brilliant Thing last year, before turning his sights to an even more challenging project.
It is now with giddy abandon that he is delighted to bring laughter and joy into your life in his theatrical directorial debut with Fully Committed! He has been assisted by the ever-lovely Jess Heffer, absolutely charming Archita Sreekumar, and simply brilliant Chris Baldock. So sit back, and enjoy the charm, wit, anxiety, fear, confidence, anger, sadness, enthusiasm, chaos, ascension, condescension, and apprehension of one astoundingly transformative and fully committed Callum Doherty!

Jess Heffer - Set Design and Realisation/Props

Jess started out her Production Design career on the award-winning LCA short film Till Undeath and excels at hyper-fixating on minute details, following rules, and being suckered into working on her roommates' projects. Jess graduated from the ANU with a Bachelor in Art History, but, to no one's suprise, honed her set placing skills and artistic eye working in retail. Most recently, Jess had to get phsyio on her shoulder because she watched too many Korean dramas while holding her phone. She hopes you like her work! It's chaotic and wonderful, just like her.

Archita Sreekumar - Sound and Lighting Operation

Who would have thought signing up to an acting class in the middle of a pandemic, would end up landing Archita Sreekumar in the sound & lighting operating HOT SEAT three years later?! But she’s here now, and she’s got to figure out which of Sam’s very many phones are currently ringing.

Over the last three years, Archita has been an active student of the Mockingbird Acting Studio and Theatre company. From playing a ‘snake-eating, hermit brother’ to a ‘screaming bag lady’, she’s played her fair share of fun characters. And if acting wasn’t enough, Archita completed the Director’s course last year and co-directed the 2023 Mockingbird Director’s Showcase of Every Brilliant Thing. Archita has also ventured over to the world of film, having played small roles in the Lights Canberra Action short films DEAD and Till Undeath. Later this year, she will be co-directing the French murder-mystery comedy 8 Women with fellow directing student, Celine Oudin.


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