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Testimonials from students past and present

"With the help of Chris’ mentoring, I was successful in my auditions for the NIDA Bachelor of Fine Arts (Acting) program and the WAAPA Bachelor of Arts (Acting) course, a long-held dream of mine. Chris knew exactly what I needed to achieve in order to shine in my auditions and had a clear strategy for getting me there. He helped me pick excellent audition monologues that complemented me as an actor while making me stand out amongst the rest. Chris is thorough and knowledgeable and he challenges you and guides you to reach your absolute best. He empowered me to take risks as an artist and to be courageous and brave. This equipped me with confidence which, in turn, allowed me to have fun and trust myself on the day of my auditions. As Chris is so knowledgeable regarding his craft, he gave me lots to sink my teeth into throughout my time of working with him. His content was always challenging, inspiring and personally rewarding. This greatly expanded my range and versatility as an actor. Chris is an outstanding director and can inspire you to achieve things in your craft that you never thought you were capable of. The growth I experienced as an actor and as a person, with Chris, was phenomenal. He provided me with a safe space to grow and realize my own potential. I was able to really come out of my shell, thanks to him. He gave me clear tools for working as an actor. He also helped me develop my process with regard to taking on a role or audition piece. It is clear that I have carried the knowledge and confidence I acquired while working with Chris into my further studies at WAAPA." - Abbey

"Chris’s lessons are not just drama lessons. They have been life changing. They’ve opened up a whole new area of self expression, self improvement and a passion for theatre that I never expected! And all this in a super supportive and encouraging environment. My week wouldn’t be the same without them. Chris Baldock truly has a gift not only for teaching but also for bringing out the best in you." - Shobna

"Chris has created something truly special with the Mockingbird classes - an incredibly supportive community free of judgement, where people are encouraged to take risks, be themselves and have fun! I’ve learnt so much more than I ever expected - about acting and about myself - under Chris’ guidance. The classes are truly the highlight of my week! I can't overestimate how much joy and value Mockingbird brings to us all!" - Sinead

"I’ve been attending acting classes at Mockingbird theatre for about 10 months and have thoroughly enjoyed my experience! Prior to participating in group classes, I was attending private lessons with Chris, working towards drama school auditions. I was able to make it through to the final rounds of a selection of schools and I owe this all to the instruction and help I received in these lessons. Mockingbird is a supportive, creative and stimulating environment where all levels of experience are welcomed. Often those who are fearful of coming in will return the next term with increased confidence within themselves and their acting ability, this is always inspiring to see. I cannot recommend Mockingbird more highly for those interested in all things theatre! You will be taken through a whirlwind of emotions every class, but always left wanting more." - Sarah

"Over the last year the people at Mockingbird Theatre Company have become like a second family to me. Chris provides a safe, encouraging and caring environment that allows you to explore and strengthen your skills, no matter what your experience level may be. I have found that not only have these classes taught me so much about acting but also what it means to be a human being. My week wouldn’t be the same with out getting to explore, have fun and grow with my fellow classmates. Mockingbird Theatre Company is truly one of a kind." - Jessica

"Being taught by Chris at Mockingbird Acting Studio, I feel like I have already grown so much as an actor. He selects pieces that highlight your strengths, but also challenge you. Rather than telling you how to act or what to do, he gives you the tools to make those choices on your own. He cultivates a fun and safe environment where you can make mistakes freely and learn to trust your instincts. It is great to come to class each week, work on your craft and feel supported through your journey as an actor." - Rahel

"Doing classes with Chris is the highlight of my week. Since starting I have grown so much in confidence. The atmosphere is nurturing and I have met the most wonderful kindred spirits. I have learnt so much and been challenged and surprised at what I have achieved in only three terms. I always feel confident that my performance will be valued and I will be encouraged. My mental health (I suffer from anxiety and depression) also benefits enormously. There are chocolate biscuits as well!" - Belinda

"When I first reached out I had no experience, just an interest in acting and need for a creative outlet. Chris assured me I was welcome and in class I was put at ease. Chris is technically brilliant, but more importantly he has the empathy and soft skills needed to draw out individual strengths. Each term there is an interesting mix of students of all ages, walks of life and levels of experience, who support each other. It is not about who is the best, it is about keeping things interesting and growing each week. It is great to spend time being creative with this brave group of people.” - Jazmin

“Mockingbird has helped me grow to become a more thoughtful and better actor. Chris has been a mentor and role model to me for years, both in class and local productions. His knowledge, experience (and script collection) is unparalleled in the Canberra theatre community. Furthermore, he has created a warm and accepting environment where actors feel safe to experiment and fail. It’s always a pleasure working with Mockingbird.” - Callum

"I’ve taken classes for years from multiple companies and I find Chris gets the best out of me. He is unafraid to push boundaries, try new things, and allows us to fail safely. He has a vast expertise in material and its application to performance. My repertoire has expanded since commencing him Chris and I feel more comfortable in myself and my craft. As well as Chris, the group classes are welcoming, friendly, and make the classes a highlight of the week." - Hannah

"I only just started working with Chris at Mockingbird early this year and I have already learnt so much. Chris has a knack of identifying exactly what each student needs to develop and improve. He creates the perfect learning environment that helps students come out of their shell." - Jason


"Teacher and mentor, Chris Baldock, takes the actor through a wondrous journey of exploration, inspiration and creativity. Masterfully executed, his credo is based on decades of experience, and is a formula that works. The actor will understand what it means to dig deep, to focus and to connect. The essence of acting is the discovery of truth and, under Chris' guidance, the actor will shine, will learn to embrace the stuff beyond themselves and, ultimately, will understand what it is to fly." - Kris

"I have worked with Chris on multiple theatrical projects and I've attended his classes at Mockingbird Acting Studio. Needless to say the value from his experience has projected my abilities and confidence in the craft by leaps and bounds. An eye for detail and an ability to draw out emotionally nuanced  performances from his students is why his classes are so effective. Chris provides an environment where you can fail safely and fail gloriously. With no room for individual egos his levelling feedback builds resilience and instills a desire to always put in your best work." - Nick​​​​​

"Each time I walk into Mockingbird Theatre Company I feel valued, welcome and engage in friendly banter that puts me at ease and levels the playing field. Ego can get in the way in the performing arts but the focus in this class is about working together, honesty and honouring the script and character. It's a safe space - which is a refreshing touch to a city which can feel competitive. Chris Baldock creates a space that is FUN, in the actors best interest and celebrates growth at whatever stage an individual might be at. It's why I keep coming back. Anyone can belong here. Highly recommended." - Kathryn

"Chris's personal insight and experience, particularly through Mockingbird one-on-ones, has been invaluable to both my personal growth and my growth as an actor. Whatever experience level you may have, Chris continues to challenge and enrich your relationship to the craft of acting, and I would highly encourage anyone to engage with Mockingbird" - Damon

"Chris is one of the most insightful coaches I've ever worked with. I have appreciated the honest comments, the collaboration, and the exploration of new works. I wish I had signed up for classes sooner." - Hannah

"Working with Chris provided me with the most challenging and rewarding experience I have had as an actor thus far.  He continues to be the yardstick by which I measure all my theatrical experiences." - Liam

"I have learnt so much from Chris in both onstage and offstage aspects with his high attention to detail. Chris creates an environment of trust and delivers nothing short of perfection. Chris sees the potential in you and will push you further than you thought you could to get there." - Zoe​


"As an actor, working with Chris is at once exciting, challenging and fulfilling. He helps you build a solid structure for yourself, no matter how small the character, from which you can explore your place in the overall context of the performance piece. As a director, his vision is clear and all-encompassing, yet he leaves ample room for the individual actor to contribute his or her own creative impulse. No question is too stupid, no doubt unaddressed and no suggestion is dismissed out-of-hand. He provides a safe place in which to grow as an actor and commits totally to helping you be the best you can be, for every performance" - Liz SCL​

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