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The Temperamentals

By Jon Marans

Featuring Angelo De Cata, Tim Constantine, Jai Luke, Sebastian Bertoli and Angus Cameron

Directed by Chris Baldock


"This is an important production for anyone under 35 who is gay….it is part of your heritage and history and deserves awareness and acknowledgement. It’s an important play for a straight audience because it instils knowledge with a thousand tiny pinpricks and helps us understand that no-one makes a choice to be beaten up, vilified, treated like a pariah because of his/her sexual makeup, it is simply who you are...Mostly though, this is an important production because, as is Mockingbird’s manifesto, it is truthful, thought-provoking, and excellent theatre…and we can never get enough of that." - Stage Whispers

"Director Chris Baldock’s casting overall is outstanding. The small ensemble of five, most of who play a variety of characters, exhibit genuine versatility and chemistry with highly accomplished another highly praiseworthy example of Chris Baldock and Mockingbird’s ability to stage some of the most noteworthy theatre in town." - Theatre Press

"All of the technical elements come together to create a beautiful picture. Both elegant and rooted in its time period, the synergy of design and direction is apparent, particularly in Baldock's blocking of key moments using both actors and set to perfectly frame the action to draw the audience's attention...The wonderful team at Mockingbird have done it yet again." The Theatre Nerd

"Whether what you want sharp social commentary or sharply dressed men getting torrid with each other, The Temperamentals delivers. It is a riveting show and one that shines a light on a fascinating slice of history." - Concrete Playground

"Director Chris Baldock delivers a highly polished production that is full of style and substance, balanced with an underlying sense of humour that punctuates the historical and at times political nature of the script...Once again, Mockingbird Theatre have proven they are a force to be reckon with within Melbourne’s independent theatrical scene, providing audiences with thought provoking and for some, confronting narratives. They have certainly set the bar high with The Temperamentals, making for a great and exciting year of theatre." - Australian Arts Review

"Independent theatre company, Mockingbird Theatre, prides itself on presenting “Great plays. Great actors. Great stories” and it certainly delivers on all three scores with its latest offering, The Temperamentals...The playwright, Jon Marans, has written, “So much of what is going on in this play is unsaid. The danger of being arrested or being outed always hangs over the play – even when it’s not discussed.” Skilled director, Chris Baldock, has made this his mantra so that the audience becomes highly aware of the tensions and distrust engendered by the social and political context of the times...This though-provoking and entertaining production is warmly recommended." - 3MFM

"The Temperamentals is a fantastic production. It demonstrates that smaller theatre companies can succeed at ambitious, character-driven works backed up by talented actors." - Star Observer

Feedback from Jon Marans - Playwright

I looked at all of those pictures on your website. They look astounding. I can see the passion, the fear, the pent-up longings, the frustrations and the joy so clearly from all of your talented, beautiful men. And of course since it was shot in order, I can see the full story-telling. I found myself quite moved.

From the reviews, it's clear what an amazing cast you have assembled and it's equally clear the extraordinary work you have done directing the play. (And I know this is tricky play ;) I'm so sorry -- and jealous! -- that I can't see it. 

Again, Chris, I am so honored that you chose to put on "The Temperamentals" and clearly presented it so beautifully. And as always, please give your guys a big hello from me and I so hope that they are enjoying themselves as they portray these difficult, visionary men. 

Much warmth, 

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