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Well, we are certainly living in "interesting" times

Canberra is back in an extended lockdown. But once again, the resilient students of Mockingbird have risen to the occasion and have embraced the Zoom classes in a way that has worked in their favour. Isolated in their bedroom, kitchen, study or even on their back porch, they continue to grow in leaps and bounds. Although Zooming can limit group work, this lockdown we have tried it with some extraordinary and even hilarious results. Now our focus is on the informal end-of-term showcase which we believe will be done virtually for the first time. For many of the students, and certainly for this tutor, classes continue to be a highlight of their week and the work put in between classes is beginning to pay off in spades. Conclusion? Lockdowns be damned! Mockingbird classes continue to thrive and we couldn't be prouder of the students as they embrace the format in the most delightful and positive of ways!

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